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Miku Bot updates:

Recent updates:

I'm really happy to announce the newest bot upgrade/update which will improve the overall perfomarnce from now on!

- The whole bot design has been rewritten!

- Command overview has been added for easier command look up.

- Alot of commands have been changed / added / removed

Update 05.11.2017: Full Bot upgrade & Website change

Update 03.10.2017: Website update & Bot Module update

Update 13.08.2017: Bots & website transfered to a dedicated server!

Update 22.07.2017: Marriage Module rewritten and added to the commands database

Update 19.07.2017: Rebuilt Server Management Command List

Update 12.07.2017: Fun & Game Commands have been fully added!

Update 10.07.2017: User Commands have been fully added!

Update 08.07.2017: Server transfer successfully completed!

Update 03.07.2017: Server Management Commands have been fully added!


Miku Bot will be ported to a superior server in the near future. (completed)

Update Log: